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Some of were probably diagnosed to have a low sex drive or have found yourself feeling less enthusiastic about it. And now, you’re looking for ways to change that. Rest at ease because you’re not alone and many people actually face the same thing.


One way to improve your sex drive is to regularly exercise, mainly those that improve cardiovascular health. Exercising helps you think of happy thoughts and also improve stamina.

Leave those problems at your workplace

Don’t bring stress back home because stress obviously distracts you away heavily from enjoying your sex. Refrain from talking about problems or stressing yourself out over works at the office because you can’t change anything about it. Instead, focus on your SO and enjoy the moment.

Stress can also be the reason some of you are consuming medications related to it. Make sure to check if those medications have any impact on your sex drive.

Maca, Tribulus, Pistachio

These fruits are natural aphrodisiacs and have been proven in high-quality studies involving both humans and animals. Maca is known to be “Peruvian Viagra” in South America, Tribulus works on almost 90% of women with sexual dysfunction while pistachio has long been known to reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction and maintain erection longer.


No, we don’t recommend drunk sex because alcohol can actually ruin your mood and prevent you from having enjoyable sex. But wine helps the body relaxes because being slightly intoxicated allows both of you to be less stiff and awkward. Moderation will create a really good mood for both of you.


In many cases, antidepressants decrease the sex drive of patients significantly. You can ask your doctor to prescribe you something else that won’t affect or increase your sex drive. Alternatively, Gingko Biloba is known to be the food that counters this side effect from antidepressants.