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While you might have been seeing articles on how to dirty talk and say seemingly embarrassing words like ‘cock’ or ‘pussy’, you haven’t been thinking why you need to do that. It seems fun. But is it necessary?

Dirty talking is actually a good way to spice things up and also improve your relationship. Here’s why!

Communication is vital

Nothing could be more important in a relationship than communication. You both need to convey to each other what you want from each other. From your favorite food to your favorite position, your partner will never figure it out if you don’t actually vocalize yourself. It can be awkward at first, but really, when it comes to the bedroom scene, things are usually awkward a few seconds in.

Foreplay for women

Women generally take more time to be aroused compared to men who can have random boners at times. That is also why men finish quicker than women and, well, to be frank, that is not a nice experience! Keeping both of you in the loop will increase the pleasure for also both of you.

It’s not a riddle

Sex is something you both want to enjoy. It’s something that you both desire for throughout the day and lust for at night. But it’s not supposed to be something to guess and makes you wonder if you’re doing it right or wrong after so many years. When both of you make your voice heard, it can really relieve your SO about what you really feel.

You will never know if you don’t!

Frankly, it has been the secret for many partners in improving their sex life. It’s all about vocalizing yourself and it doesn’t really have to be that dirty. It can be as simple as a few naughty words or thinking out loud from time to time.